The Top 25 Finest Jason Statham films

We salute the best screen work of the mighty Jason Statham...

Well, we've upgraded our list of the mighty Statham’s finest movies, though it saddens me to say that in the years since this article's first inception, we are still without a third Crank film, which the world needs now more than ever I’m sure you’ll agree.

Thankfully last year proved to be his most successful to date, certainly from a box office perspective, as he finally returned to the big screen as an out and out villain for the first time since Cellular, in the Fast & Furious mega-franchise, with his turn in Fast 7. Likewise Spy added another string to his bow, allowing self-parody in the most glorious way. Wild Card might not have taken a lot of money, but it at least allowed Statham to release another of his more independent-minded movies and made for a fine blend of action and black comedy.

While his productivity is normally so high that he has a multitude of movies lined up in any one year (some years ago I mentioned updating this piece to the man himself due to his insane workload, he cracked up and responded, “My productivity is overwhelming! 'Have a fucking day off!'”) I think we’ll allow him 2017 to take a well-deserved break, with Mechanic: Resurrection his only film out this year.

We’ve also now accumulated quite the celebrity database covering what his peers vote for as their favorite Jason Statham film, which you can find here. And when we asked the man himself for his choice, here was his response:

"I have good memories of working with Guy Ritchie. He started me in the business, so I owe him so much, and I’ve always enjoyed the films. Those two films, Lock Stock and Snatch were just such a great thing for me. And I also like The Bank Job. The Bank Job for me, was a great opportunity for me to do some good acting, you know? Other people might dispute that fact [laughs]. It was a great story, a true story, and I got to work with some brilliant actors and I’m really proud of that film".

So with that in mind, let’s get stuck in to the world of Statham…