The 9 Best Cooking Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now

Avec Eric

Food Porn: 8/10

Informativeness: 7/10

Watchability: 7/10

Avec Eric is a lot like a Bourdain show, only starring Bourdain’s French buddy who wears beaded bracelets, Eric Ripert. Ripert’s thick French accent doesn’t have quite the same charm as, say, Jacques Pepin, but then, whose does. Ripert doesn’t exactly jump off the screen at you, but he knows his food, so you know he’s not going to eat a lot of bullsh*t or feed us any. Avec Eric doesn’t have quite the flourish of other shows, and Ripert isn’t the most charismatic host alive, but it has a strong mix of exotic food/authoritative host/and pandering-free production. Ripert tends to goes to far-flung places to eat non-snobby food, which is exactly what I want from a food show.