The 9 Best Cooking Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now

Last Updated: March 12th

People, I think this concept is pretty self-explanatory. We like good food shows. Netflix has some. They keep swapping them in and out which makes it hard to keep this list current, but we’ll do our best. Here are the best cooking shows on Netflix streaming, available right now.

Testing The Menu

Food Porn: 4/10

Informativeness: 2/10

Watchability: 7/10

Testing the Menu is a show shot in New Zealand starring chef Nic Watt, in which he tests out recipes for his Japanese restaurants on the New Zealand public. It’s not the most fast-paced show (New Zealanders have long attention spans, I think they only got electricity a few years ago), and Watt, who’s kind of a dork, cooks a brand of Asian fusion cuisine that may have limited utility in your home kitchen. But the show is pretty great as a slice of New Zealand life. Watt tends to test his recipes on the street in Auckland, and most of the accidental cast of characters is worthy of a Christopher Guest movie. Or at least, a Taika Waititi movie.