The 7 Best Teresa Giudice Moments on 'RHONJ'

Summer is here and Real Housewives Of New Jersey is back! Teresa is back, Jacqueline is back as a cast member and Joe is sent away. *GASP!* But before we start diving into the Jersey waters, let us go back in time to simpler days when Tre would flip tables and chase people around country clubs. We miss the good ol’ days, and we are remembering Teresa G.’s top 7 most Jersey moments.

1. Don't Call Me "Honey"

Back in season 2, the war was deep between Teresa, former BFF Jacqueline and resident ratings magnet Danielle Staub. After not speaking for months, the three met face to face at a Porsche fashion show, only to end up chasing each other around a country club. After saying hello and referring to Danielle as “honey,” Danielle freaked out and used the now famous line, "Don't call me 'Honey'."