The 30 Funniest Reality Show Moments of All Time

Are reality shows all scripted? That’s like asking if professional wrestling is real or if Shakespeare really wrote Macbeth and Hamlet or if his plays were written by some other guy. We honestly don’t care. Why should it matter if the drama is still so intense, and at least in the case of reality shows, unintentionally hilarious?

Isn’t that when reality shows are at their best, after all? When people slip out of their carefully-constructed facades and show us who they really are? They scream too loud, or cry too hard, or do the most embarrassing thing at the least opportune time, or say something that sounded really awesome in their head but never should have been said out loud. We love it all, probably because it’s the one part of reality shows that feels 100% genuine.

Here are 30 of our favorite moments from reality shows, which also happen to be the funniest. Because sometimes when people are behaving insane and irrational and foolish, that’s when they’re showing us who they really are. And for more hilarious reality-show moments, here are The 30 Funniest Reality Show Catchphrases of All Time.