The 17 Best Rosie O’Donnell Moments Ever Witnessed

 Rosie offends all of China in less than ten seconds

A bit of context: In 2007, Danny DeVito appeared on The View completely drunk off his ass. Or maybe he wasn’t (wink wink).

As you can imagine, the media blew up about it, much like it did about anything that was happening on The View during that crazy era, and it somehow became worldwide news.

This, in itself, inspired conversation on The View (how meta), and Rosie had something to say about it that sounded, well… maybe, possibly, most definitely racist.

Of course this spawned a spin-off controversy that nearly eclipsed its parent controversy—a View controversy squared. Of course, controversies were a dime a dozen for Rosie that year, so it quickly became just another notch in her scandalous belt.