Sofia Vergara Was 2017's Highest Paid TV Actress

Of course, these titles aren’t anything new to the two TV stars. Vergara has been TV’s highest earning actress for six consecutive years, and Parsons has held his title for three years. Their co-stars on Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory make up most of the combined top 20 highest paid actors and actresses in television, according to Forbes.

Vergara and Parsons did not create a trend for women earning more than men in the television industry, though. According to Forbes, the top 10 highest-earning actors made a combined $185 million, $28.5 million more than the top 10 highest-earning actresses. The lists measure the actors’s and actress’s earnings — including salaries from their television shows as well as endorsement deals, among other things — from June 1, 2016, through June 1, 2017.