Mother-Daughter Lookalikes, Celebrity Edition

Madonna and Her Daughter Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon doesn’t just look like her momma, Madonna, she also has adopted her quirky, ’80s style. Currently, Lourdes is rocking very fashion-forward, platinum-tinged gray hair. This is just a teeny step away from her mom’s famous, bleach-blonde locks. Above, she’s pictured with a more subtle head of brunette locks.

Madonna may be known for her eccentric style and controversial behavior (remember her coffee table book?), but she’s still a rather conservative mom. She initially wouldn’t let Lourdes dye her hair at all. When Lourdes was 14-years-old she took to her blog to complain about how her mom wouldn’t let her dye her hair blue! Yes, even stars butt head with their parents.