Marie Osmond's Show Is A Non-Stop Singing Fest

Since both Donny and Marie began their careers as children, when they reach back to do their nostalgic hits, it makes for memorable musical moments: Marie begins her first solo set with “Paper Roses,” which she covered in 1973 for a No. 1 country hit; Donny opens with the Paul Anka-penned “Puppy Love” that he took to No. 3 in 1972. Such throwbacks magnify the Osmonds’ deep connection with their fans, but both singers have plenty more hits and covers to share that truly resonate. “Music Is Medicine” and especially “Baby You’re Crazy,” two tracks from Marie’s most recent album released last year, really fill the room, and Donny does the same with the swinging “Could She Be Mine” from his 2014 album The Soundtrack of My Life, and his heartfelt rendition of “Moon River,” a tribute to his showbiz mentor Andy Williams.

They show off their still-powerful vocal chops when taking the stage individually to perform songs from stage productions they’ve starred in, Donny from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Marie from The King and I, The Sound of Music and Cabaret. But when they get together to reminisce on the pop hits they’ve recorded as a duo and make jokes at each other’s expense, the laughs and applause are nonstop.