Classic Movie Lines That Weren't In The Script

It’s shocking to learn, but not all the most famous lines in your favorite movies are scripted… Actors like Jack Nicholson, Harrison Ford, and Anthony Hopkins all have ad-libbed lines. Sometimes, producers and screenwriters leave a lot of leeway for award-winning actors to really get into character and show off their really stellar talent with some amazing ad-libs.

The Truth And A Few Good Men

As you probably know, A Few Good Men is an award-winning movie, with a mega-star cast, including Tom Cruise (playing Lt. Daniel Kaffee), Demi Moor (Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway) and Jack Nicholson (Col. Nathan R. Jessup). With themes like honor, military justice and the nature of true humanity, Lt. Kaffee stands in defense of two Marines, charged with murdering a fellow Marine. As the case heats up and the controversial truth(s) begin to surface, Jessup contradicts his own statements and becomes enraged, which makes his ad-lib of “You can’t handle the truth” the most perfect line in the whole movie.