Celebs Who Still Look Great In Their 70s

Nowadays a lot of young debutants party so much today, their lifestyles have added years to their skin. However, there are lots of older celebrities today who have taken care of themselves and look fabulous at 71. Here is a list of some of good looking 71 year old’s. All these ladies are aging with grace. 

1 Cher

Cher was the honoree of the Billboard Music Awards. We didn’t just notice her amazing vocals but her looks as well. She looked fantastic in her two outfits for her performance. This performance was her first awards show performance in over a decade. It has been 15 years since Cher rocked the stage of an awards show. 

2 Helen Mirren

The respected actress is always red carpet ready. Here the 71 year old looks stunning and classy in this fitting red dress. She has such a grace and elegance about her. 

3 Jaclyn Smith

One of the iconic Charlie’s Angels actress looks impeccable at 71. Here she is in Italy vacationing with her husband Dr. Brad Allen. She’s not only looking pretty, but she’s still acting and running a design empire. 

 4 Goldie Hawn

Goldie’s golden years have outshined many. Her golden years have clearly not ended. She has recently come back to the good ol Hollywood limelight with her new comedy Snatched. 

5 Diane Sawyer

Newswoman Diane Sawyer has definitely still got it. Here she is on the red carpet wearing a simple black dress and a flashy shaw. Sawyer has been so successful with her stressful career we wonder how she’s managed to avoid those stress lines. 

6 Bette Midler

The infamous Bette Midler looks casually tasteful. Her stylish pants here topped with a classy black top and her cool shades have her looking chic.

7 Dolly Parton

The country queen still has a stunning physique for a 71 year old. She has curves for days and this dress definitely compliments her hourglass figure. 

8 Priscilla Presley

The grandmother usually is busy helping her daughter Lisa Marie with her granddaughters. When she isn’t helping around the house she steps out looking extraordinary.