8 Things You Didn't Know About Richard Madden

He Got Into Acting To Combat Crippling Shyness

Richard was actually an extremely shy child. He had trouble socializing but luckily recognized this and was able to remedy the problem at a rather young age. He describes his childhood self as "a nervous kid, not great socially". He started to fear going to high school and wanted to find a method of procuring some much needed confidence. Fortunately, a childhood friend set him on the path to acting which seemed to help his social anxiety melt away.

"My best friend was really cool, and she went to a youth theatre in Paisley, so I thought, maybe that’s the way to do it. I went along, and I immediately found something I was passionate about and really enjoyed."

Entering the theater group at only age 11, Richard quickly flourished and was soon scouted for his first film role the same year, a film adaptation of Iain Banks' novel, Complicity.