15 Of The Most Memorable Reality TV Moments Ever

When The Model on 'ANTM' Fainted

America's Next Top Model, a super popular reality modeling competition hosted by Tyra Banks, has blessed us with plenty of crazy moments over the years. But one of the most memorable moments happened in "cycle" 4 when Rebecca Epley fainted during the judging panel. Rebecca was in the middle of being judged for that week's photo shoot when, out of nowhere, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and collapsed onto the floor. It was so random and unexpected that the people in the room froze out of shock, before going down to check on her. Thankfully, Rebecca was excused so that she could receive medical attention and was eventually given the all clear. By luck, sympathy, or both, she didn't get sent home that week and was able to return to the competition, where she lasted for four more weeks. During a monologue, Rebecca later revealed that she'd suffered from fainting spells since she was a three years old.