15 Of The Most Memorable Reality TV Moments Ever

When Snooki Got Punched in a Club

No matter how we may try to deny it, most of us have an intense love for reality television in all of its gritty, reckless glory. Whether it’s a violent bar fight or alcohol-fueled meltdown, we all secretly get a thrill out of the lengths reality stars go to to keep us entertained. Some psychologists believe that we're drawn to reality shows because the ridiculous storylines make us feel better about the issues in our own lives. Thanks to networks looking for ways to create cheaper programs, we have more reality shows to choose from than ever before. All aren’t necessarily based on drama, but if we’re honest the best ones totally are! So that their efforts are not in vain, we have decided to make a list highlighting some of the best moments in reality television history. 

Here are 15 of the craziest reality show moments that have ever graced our screen:

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has come a long way since her Jersey Shore days. Since the hit reality show went off of the air, Snooki has starred in a spin-off with her friend, JWoww, released a handful of books, and has pretty much come into her own. She's also a mom to two little girls now. But if we're being honest, we'll always remember her as the drink-guzzling party girl who was always at the center of some kind of confrontation. In the fourth episode of season one of Jersey Shore, Snooki was having a hard time bonding with the other cast members and was feeling pretty alienated. But when a guy sucker-punched her, the cast put their differences aside and proved that they really had her back. It was crazy, but it helped her win the support of her roommates. And don't worry about that jerk Brad Ferro. He was arrested and fired from his teaching job. Talk about karma.