15 Actors Who Got in Amazing Shape for a Movie Role

Chris Pratt

Actor Chris Pratt went from lovable to an object of lust in a very short time frame. Though many fans know him from his long-lasting TV gigs on Everwood and Parks and Recreation, the goofball brought his talents to the big screen in Guardians of the Galaxy, and became a mega movie star.

While Andy Dwyer was a round-faced dope, Star-Lord was anything but. In order to drop the fat and gain some muscle, Pratt began a severe daily fitness regimen and employed a strict diet.

Men are now clamoring for Peter Quill’s bod, but Pratt seems to reminisce about the days when he could eat whatever he wanted. In fact, his obsession with food is such that he puts out hilarious Instagram videos under the title #WHATSMYSNACK, joking about his Jurassic Park diet in the way only he can.