15 Actors Who Got in Amazing Shape for a Movie Role

Gal Gadot

Hollywood asks a lot of its major players. Everyone knows that movie stars have to slim down and stay in shape, but many actors have had to go above and beyond for a big role. Whether they’re bouncing back after a pregnancy or getting fit for the first time, these famous celebrities have gotten in amazing shape for a starring movie gig.

Before she was Wonder Woman, Israeli actress Gal Gadot was struggling to get jobs. She appeared in three of the Fast and the Furious franchise films, and though her character, Gisele, was fearless and a great shot, Gadot remained fairly skinny for the role.

But in order to play an Amazon warrior, she had to gain some muscle. Gadot underwent quite a bit of physical training and stayed on a strict diet to play the superheroine. What’s more, during reshoots, she was actually five months pregnant, and a little green screen magic was employed to cover up her growing belly.